Horse Riding In Summer: What To Wear 

Horse Riding In Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the trails with your horse! Horse riding in summer a great way to enjoy the hotter months, but it’s important to make sure you’re dressed properly for the activity. Below is a guide to what you should wear for horse riding in the summer.


Riding Hats 

While it’s important to have fun and enjoy the ride, safety is essential when horse riding in the summer. One of the most important pieces of safety equipment you can wear is a helmet. Helmets are not only required for safety, but they also help protect you from the sun.

But what helmet is best for summer riding?

When choosing a summer riding helmet, look for one that is lightweight and well ventilated. Look for a helmet that has plenty of vents and mesh panels to keep your head cool. Choose a helmet that is comfortable, you will be wearing it for long periods of time, so it should be comfortable and not cause any irritation.


Riding boots offer riders protection from the elements, as well as protection from potential hazards such as stones, sticks, and other debris that could be kicked up by the horse. They also keep the rider’s feet and ankles safe from potential injury caused by a misstep or slipping off the stirrup. If you’re doing a lot of riding in the summer, look for boots made from breathable materials like mesh or leather.


Riding Trousers 

When looking for summer riding trousers, it's important to choose lightweight materials. Look for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, which will help keep you cool and comfortable. You should also consider trousers with a looser fit, as this will allow more air flow and help keep you cool. Consider trousers with features such as mesh panels or vents, which will help regulate your body temperature. If you're riding in hot and humid weather, you may also want to look for trousers with moisture-wicking technology, which will help keep you dry.


Riding Gloves 

When selecting a pair of gloves for summer riding, look for a lightweight pair that will keep your hands cool. Gloves made of breathable materials such as cotton, mesh, or leather are great options. If you’re looking for a bit more protection, some gloves are made with a layer of padding. This can help protect your hands from any potential injuries. 


Body Protector 

Summer can be a great time to enjoy horse riding. But, no matter how experienced you are, it is important to always wear a body protector when riding. A body protector is a piece of protective clothing that is worn around the torso to protect the rider in the event of a fall.

Body protectors are designed to absorb the impact of a fall, reducing the risk of serious injury. They are usually made of a lightweight, breathable material which allows air to circulate and prevents the rider from overheating. This makes them ideal for summer riding, when temperatures can be high.

Horse riding in the summertime is an enjoyable activity that can be enjoyed by riders of all levels!