Why Horses The Best Pets.


Many people have horses as pets, but the question is why? Why are they such good pets? Why do so many people want horses? Here are 5 reasons to why horses make the best pets.  


1 – Exercise.

When you take your horse outdoors, riding it is also great exercise for you. It’s a great way to keep fit and also spend lots of time outside to keep healthy!

You can go to many different places with your horse like, riding on the road, in fields, competitions and much more to keep you and your horse health and active.


2 – Social.

Keeping horses is also very social, you can meet many need friends by riding, going to competitions or looking after the horses. There are also horse riding clubs and stables in most areas where you can also meet new people and form friendships.

People will offer you advice, tips and tricks whenever meeting them if they’re a horse person.


3 – Easy To Look After.

Horses are actually very easy to look after, a lot more than everyone thinks. Everyone thinks is a lot of time and effort to look after a horse, it’s a big commitment but providing what they need is pretty simple.

They need food, bedding and a shelter, so they’re not too picky!


4 – Long Lifespan.

Horses have a longer lifespan than most other pets, meaning you get more time with them! The average lifespan of a horse is around 25-30 years, obviously different breeds will have different lifespans but this is average one.

The longer the lifespan means you have more time to make a deeper and more meaningful connection  and bond with your horse. But this also shows you the commitment is strong as you have 25-30 yeas of looking after this one pet.


5 – Fun Animals.

They’re fun animals! They are sometimes playful and very energetic so you can spend lots of time with them and not get bored like you would with some other pets. Each horse has a distinctive personality and is very unique.

No two horses are the same and they all have different quirks that you’ll love and adore!