About us


About Us

Hi There! We're Cavaletti Collection. Our Saddle Collection was inspired by like-minded equestrian enthusiasts with years of experience from all angles of the Equestrian sector.

Buying the right Saddle for you and your horse can be difficult. We're here to change that. We aim to make purchasing a new Saddle online easy and accessible.


Our Saddles

Buying a new saddle for your horse is a big investment and one that most horse owners have saved hard to fund. Purchasing a Saddle off auction sites is a big risk, not knowing its full history, no reassurance, no quality assurance, no backup service. Here at Cavaletti Collection, we offer quality, comfort, and performance at an affordable price.


Cavaletti Collection offers a range of individually designed Saddles made from the finest leather to suit all riders and disciplines. They all feature our unique, one-of-a-kind interchanging gullet system with 6 optional widths. We also offer graded options should you be searching for a more affordable second-hand saddle.


14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand the importance of finding the right Saddle for you and your horse. That's why we offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on all our Saddles, making it easy for you to choose the perfect Saddle. Simply select a new or used saddle from our website and trial it for 14 days with no commitment. If after the 14 days trial you are not happy, call us to arrange the collection of the Saddle. Giving you peace of mind and assurance.



We offer a range of high-quality leatherwork and accessories to complement your Cavaletti Collection Saddle including Bridles, Headcollars, and Girths. We also offer various package options to get your four-legged friend kitted out.


We're here to help!

Our knowledgeable customer service team are only a phone call or email away and are ready to help and support you in purchasing and trialing your new Saddle.

If you are struggling to choose the right saddle and have no local Saddle fitter to discuss this with, we are happy to help! We ideally recommend having your Saddle fit checked.


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